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About Rise Congo


Our Academy opened  in 2008. We have ministered

to over 2,000 children and high-schoolers. We have

both a primary and secondary school. Over the years

hundreds of children and teens have come to know

Christ as their Savior. We continue to raise spiritual

leaders, watching them grow into young adults

serving the Lord. Lives changed is what it's all about. 


Over the years we've had three little Bible Colleges

that have struggled. It has been very difficult to

relocate an entire family to a new location for study.

They have to plant gardens, find work, and uproot

their children. 

In 2019, we restructured our Bible Colleges to be both

at a physical location and mobile. We have four 

colleges located within our six districts ministering to

our 27 churches.  Our mobiles

colleges send two college teachers to where the

students are living, to teach module-style classes. 


As of 2020, we have 27 churches in six Provines of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Some are in jungle villages and some are in cities. We have churches that have thatched roofs and made of mud bricks and churches that have tin roofs and cinder block walls. The believers inside of the buildings is what matters. Wonderful, fibrant Christians, witnessing to unbelievers, and being a blessing to one another. All in the midst of years of war and a multitude of sicknesses, they serve God Almighty. 


In 2016 we launched our Leadership Conferences.

We have seen great success.We have restructured

this to coincide with the four areas where we have

our churches.

We invite local city officials to our Leadership

Conferences. We teach Biblical guidelines for

leadership success and weave the gospel in, then

attach those that have trusted Christ into further


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