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About Rise Congo


Our Academy opened in 2008. Our annual attendance has grown to 1,500 students in both our  primary and secondary levels. Over the years hundreds of children and teens have come to know Christ as their Savior. We continue to raise spiritual leaders, watching them grow into young adults serving the Lord. Lives changed is what it's all about! 

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To train our Bible college students in six regions, both in villages and cities, we have adapted to our specific situation. We have four fixed Bible colleges which conduct mobile, accelerated courses in distant villages: our teachers  adjust to ministry needs, college students are trained, lives are changed.


We have 29 churches in six Provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Some are in jungles and some are in cities. We have churches that have thatched roofs and made of mud bricks. We also have churches that have tin roofs and cinder block walls. The believers inside of the buildings are what matters the most. God is changing lives!


We have spiritual leadership conferences in different regions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Some are larger conferences every few years and some are regional conferences. Leaders are sharpened and encouraged for the work of the ministry. Leaders are changed, and in return, lives are changed. 

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