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About Our National Leadership  

Pastor Jean-Marie Besolo Way - Advisor, Fellowship Coordinator 


Pastor Besolo has been our Fellowship's Coordinator and my

Advisor for 28 years. We met 29 years ago. I had helped him out

with an appendices operation. Our friendship has grown from that

day forward. He had worked non-stop (five years) to get our

Fellowship's non-profit status. He oversee's all of our Fellowship's 

government status, needs for each church, quarterly reports,

buildings and supplies, and reports directly to the Director,

Gale Dawson. 


Pastor Besolo and his wife Jacque, have been married for 35 and

together they have eight children and three grand children. 

Pastor Papy Ipoka - Advisor, Fellowship Pastor, Regional Pastor


Pastor Papy Ipoka was saved under our ministry, through

Pastor Kabundi on February 26th 1999 (21years ago).

He graduated from one of our Bible Colleges in 2002 and taught

at two of our Bible colleges for seven years.


When I first met Papy, he was a quiet, smart and humble single man.

I have watched him mature into one of our finest men and leader of

leaders. He is now 43 years old. I married this beautiful couple in

2007.  Pastor Papy and Mado, together have three children.


Pastor Papy is the Lead pastor of our church fellowship, regional

leader, college teacher and the pastor of my former church in

Maluku. He has a lot on his plate. I am very proud of him and the

servant of God that he has become. 


He is still quiet, humble and very smart. Pastor Papy is one of our top leaders that helps to guide our 27 fellowship churches, as well as oversees four Bible colleges, our Christian Academy, and is my personal Advisor.



Elisé Tshetoude Director of College


Elisé trusted Christ as Savior October 25th, 1994 in the city of Kananga. After some spiritual growth he became the choir director in his local church. Head worked with the youth for a few years. Elisé moved to the city of Ilebo in 2001and attended our Bible college and graduated in 2004.  The college retained Pastor Elisé  to become a college teacher. In 2007 Pastor Elisé moved to the the city of Maluku, a region of the capital city Kinshasa.  He has been a college teacher for 2007 to this present day. In 2019, Pastor Elisé  become the Director of Colleges and not only teaches but directs four colleges. 

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