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2023 Lined Up

We had a wonderful time over the holidays with most of our family. We missed Mackay and her husband Zach.


Praise the Lord!

An affiliate church has graciously accepted supporting all three of our latest graduate church-planters.

We know the villages.

We are preparing a large evangelistic outreach.

Needed: $1,700

2023 Lined Up

  • We are revved up and ready to go! So many good things happening over 2023.

  • We are planning and launching two spring evangelism campaigns to start two new churches.

  • College teachers traveling to villages to teach modular courses all year long.

  • Academy promotional ceremonies for moving up to the next grade level and seniors graduating.

  • Vacation Bible School in July.

  • The guesthouse appliances and furniture purchased and installed. Ready for our arrival.

  • My daughter Suzannah and I are traveling to the Congo in August.

  • A leadership conference while visiting.

  • College graduations in the Fall.

  • The beginning of the new year for both the Academy and Colleges.

  • The start of a new build and offices.

  • Please pray for these events and for safety, salvation, and spiritual health and finances.

Thank you for your donations, care, and prayers.

Urgent Request

Only $2,700 to go

How to Donate

Here are 2 easy ways to support Rise Congo.

One: Head over to the website and donate through the donate button.

Two: Make a written check payable to “Rise Congo” and send it to Rise Congo P.O. Box 294, Payson, AZ 85547.

Thank you so much for donating!

Gale Dawson, Founder/ Director

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