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Christmas Wish List for Our Pastors

Pastor David Ndaya is one of our pastors who lives in the center of the Congo. When my daughter Suzannah and I traveled to the Congo in August, we flew him in for our conference.

What a sweet, humble man. He has trained his deacons from his church to travel to five churches, that have no pastors, and preach, evangelize, counsel, and encourage believers.

Pastor David is married to Bipendu and has three children. David resides in the territory of Dibaya in the province of Central Kasai.

Several items on the “Christmas Wish List,” are for his ministry: Some of the Bibles, a motorcycle, five bicycles, and a loudspeaker.

Guess how old he is? 66 years old! Wow, praise the Lord for God’s grace in his life.

Will you give towards this Pastor’s ministry?

Thank you and God Bless you!

Gale Dawson, Founder & Director

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