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I so appreciate William’s fortitude, running a grueling marathon for a worthy cause, Rise Congo. Please donate.

Our son, William, has nearly finished his military career of five years and has a plan to start civilian life with an ultra-marathon of 50 miles. His goal is to raise $1,000  support (this breakdown explanation is seen through the blue donate button/link or QR scan code) for his race and $9,000 for the Rise Congo ministry.

William spent several years as a young child in Congo and still loves Congolese food! Will has a nostalgic respect for Congo and Rise Congo. Can you help him meet his goal?

Joining the military right out of high school, Will is excited to start life fresh with this difficult challenge.

As a toddler, William traveled to Congo and learned to love his tropical yard and Congolese friends. He was a part of the sacrifice of us launching Rise Congo from an early age and still values the ministry that took him to an African nation.

This gofundme challenge is encouraging us to both support William and support the ministry that had such an influence on his early life. His hope is to see this as an opportunity to give back to a vital gospel-spreading ministry in Congo. Click the blue button/link below or scan the QR code to donate and see how you can be a part of this adventure.


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