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computers, bicycles, motorcycle?

The results of your generosity are reflected in the pics on this page. From college computers that create our college classroom curriculum, to bicycles and a motorcycle that transport our teachers to the students, together we are fulfilling our goals.

“We Raise Spiritual Leaders Through Education in our Academy, Colleges, Churches and Conferences”

These spiritual leaders bring hope through the Gospel of Jesus Christ to remote villages and to cities.

Our newest Academy building is coming along fine. Each of our buildings house 300 students. We have 900 students. We have run out of land. Our staff and I have decided to build a two story building to house the third set of classrooms.

Academy Progress

The most expensive part of our Academy building is the concrete ceiling which is the floor to the second story. Prices have gone up for both the wood and metal rebar reinforcement.

Adjusted needs are: $9,500

How to Donate

Here are 2 easy ways to support Rise Congo.

One: head over to the website and donate through the donate button.

Two: make a written check payable to “Rise Congo” and send it to Rise Congo P.O. Box 294, Payson, AZ 85547.

Thank you so much for your generosity!

Gale Dawson, Founder, Director

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