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Money and Eternal Rewards

I am excited to present to you three pastoral candidates graduating this summer. These three men are the first from our mobile, module, Bible College format that we incorporated three years ago.

Each pastor/church-planter is in need of $100 a month full support. This support includes a small work fund of $20, usually for their church rental building or rental property and chairs, for their initial step.

While establishing their churches within the first year, they will be surveying the village or city for an ideal permanent location. The pastor and church will need $2,000 to purchase land for their new permanent church location.

I love to observe the labor of love that has united us together. As we band together, we build spiritually mature Congolese leaders. By supporting these pastors, you too are partaking in this travail of the birthing of a beautiful new church. Jesus is right here in the midst of us training, supporting, travailing, and birthing these churches. Ultimately, the church becomes a beacon of the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in that area. Changing lives for eternity, glorifying God forever.

Truly, this is an honorable work in the DR Congo, to partnered with these beautiful people, rising up from the ashes of war.

God Bless You! Gale Dawson

How to Donate

Here are 2 easy ways to support Rise Congo.

One: head over to the website and donate through the donate button.

Two: make a written check payable to “Rise Congo” and send it to Rise Congo, P.O. Box 294, Payson, AZ 85547.

Thank you so much for your generosity!

Gale Dawson - Founder, Director

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