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Opening Day for the New Church Plant

Village: Kimpoko

Two of our established churches led the opening day of this latest church plant with music, song, and preaching.

There was a good attendance from the local population.

We raised only $1,000 of the $4,000 that is needed.  We are in need of $3,000 more to get this church up and running, with a roof over them.

As you see in the pictures we are in need of our own property. This property in the pic is rented. Rafter lumber and sheets of tin are needed for the roof and also cement blocks for the walls.

There is definitely a willingness from the local folks to open the church. We have two of our graduates leading the church.

DR Congo is at the bottom five poorest countries in the world, so poverty hinders building a simple church building. The average rural Congolese family’s monthly earnings are between $50-$150, this varies according different websites.

Please Help this New Church Start up.

Thank you, Gale Dawson

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