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Pastor Spotlight

Pastor Papy Ipoka was saved under our ministry, through Pastor Mpolesha Kabundi on February 26th 1999 (21years ago). He graduated from one of our Bible Colleges in 2002 and taught at two of our Bible colleges for seven years.

When I first met Papy, he was a quiet, smart and humble single fella. I have watched him mature into one of our finest men and leader of leaders. He is now 43 years old. I married this beautiful couple in 2007. Pastor Papy and Mado, together have three children.

Pastor Papy is the Lead pastor of our church fellowship, regional leader, college teacher and the pastor of my former church in Maluku. He has a lot on his plate. I am very proud of him and the servant of God that he has become.

He is still quiet, humble and very smart. Pastor Papy is one of our top leaders that helps to guide our 27 fellowship churches, as well as oversees four Bible colleges, and our Christian Academy.

His life was changed, and he is now changing others lives through Jesus Christ.

Please Pray for this beautiful family.

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