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Quality + Longevity = Success

Pastor Timothée serves Berean Baptist Church, one of our Fellowship’s churches in the village of Ilebo. The church attendance averages between 80-100. He is also the president and an instructor of one of our four Bible colleges.

The top picture shows the fruit of your donations. We have purchased Bibles, printed our yellow songbooks and ministry brochures. We authored and printed most of our Bible College’s curriculum. Your donations also paid for shipping.

A BIG SHOUT OUT to the folks that purchased the backbone of our ministry, the diesel generator! Our Congolese have been so faithful and hard working while COVID-19 has shut down much of the Congo. We were able to heavily focus on creating, printing and shipping not only to this church, but also to several of our key churches.

The village of Ilebo was where Chrisann and I cut our teeth as new missionaries back in 1995 and where we planted our first church.

After 29 years of ministry, it is always a joy to see the fruit of ongoing national leadership.

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