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thank you!

God has once again poured out His blessings mightily. We are able to finish up many loose ends on many projects. The help came in for our new church plants.

  • We sent a survey team out to the villages. We are researching areas that do not have any churches. We are looking for a property to purchase and to build a small temporary house and church, eventually enlarging both.

  • A school recently closed giving us the opportunity to buy three times the amount of used bench-desks for the same price. All classrooms are now full with desks.

  • We purchase teacher’s textbooks.

  • We purchased a portable microphone/speaker system for outdoor chapels.

  • Pastors’ Medical bills paid.

  • College teachers’ trips

Suzannah and I are traveling to the Congo in August of this year. We will spend approximately 10 days on the trip. Suzannah was 13 years old when we returned to the U.S. It has been 16 years.

Would you contribute to our travel fund?

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