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thank you all

Our Congo trip was a success!

After 20 hours of flying from Phoenix, to Chicago, through Brussels, Belgium, landing in Kinshasa, Congo, then traveling 35 minutes by car and arriving at the church campus where our newly furnished guesthouse is, we said our hellos and goodnights, ate snacks, took cold showers, and finally got to sleep.

The next morning, my heart was moved with love seeing old ministry friends of 30 plus years and meeting new ministry friends. This was so refreshing to my soul.

My daughter, Suzannah, enjoyed her time. She struggled to connect through her interpreter which pushed her to learn a little more Lingala. She was a big hit with the children and young adults her age. Suzannah was my photographer and chef (egg sandwiches, stir fry, peanut butter and jam sandwiches). Overall, she gained a good understanding of Rise Congo.

During my time there, I listened to countless hours of stories, good, bad, and sad, which in turn helped me get a fresh pulse on the ministry. I also wrote down their real needs and desires. In future newsletters, I will write about some of these short stories, needs, and desires.

On Sunday, our leaders were individually introduced in the church. We had a great time of worship. I spoke on, “Love never fails.” Then, there was a church fellowship of food and beverages.

As our fellowship of churches grow, so do the needs and wants of our pastors. I will include these in our future newsletters for your consideration to give towards these items.

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