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I am so very proud of our Congolese leadership. The picture on the left, Pastor Jean-Marie Besolo and I, have known each other for 32 years. His title is Coordinator. Pastor Besolo oversees the Rise Congo Fellowship of churches and ministries. He also oversees the construction on our main campus, housing our church, college, and Academy. He is a blessing!

I met with our Rise Congo Fellowship leadership, as well as our regional leadership. Several of our pastors, not in leadership roles, attended the spiritual leadership conference.

I also met with new pastors that I had yet to meet. I met with our newly graduated, pastor church-planters. What a group of great gentlemen.

We met together every morning for chapel. We sang hymns, prayed and were challenged from the Word of God. The messages focused on taking care of their personal lives and family. Also taking courage to fulfill their ministries.

The majority of our pastors arrived two weeks prior and ironed out ministry details.

I sat with each pastor to hear the news of their ministry. I heard the blessings and difficulties. I heard the needs and wrote down each pastor’s personal and ministerial needs.

November’s newsletter will give categories and amounts for the needs of our pastors ministries. I am personally giving towards the needs and am asking each individual and each supporting ministry that this newsletter reaches, to pray, discuss, and give generously to the needs.

These donations could be the year-end giving and/or a Christmas gift. Also, please consider monthly support.

Thank you and God Bless you!

Gale G. Dawson, Founder & Director

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